1. In order to make finishing of above roof part of flue with brick, concrete support plates shall be used – Fig. 10

    There are ready support plates Fig. 10.a and for one-duct flues with 1 ventilating duct – Fig. 10.b in offer.

    But for other configurations: e.g., one duct with 1 ventilating duct + 2 ventilating ducts (Fig.10.c), support plate shall be made on site by use of blocks.

    Reinforcement of support plate made on site shall be performed according to directions mentioned below – Fig.12


    Reinforcement mesh shall be mandatorily located not farther than 2 cm from the upper edge of the plate. You must remember that concrete of grade B 20 acquires full durability after 28 days. When finishing by bricks is made, leave free vertical seems in the first and last row, in order to ensure airing of finishing.

Table No.2

Examples of flue combinations with brick finishing
A36 cm**61 cm**86 cm**50 cm**75 cm**100 cm**

**- assuming that vertical connection seam of modular blocks is maximally 1 cm